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"Мукет Болдавии", помидоры и бубен! (С)

This song was carried out of the jungle of Peru by a friend about 10 years ago. I have since heard it sung throughout North and South America, around many sacred fires.

I have always been touched by this prayer:

"May the medicine that heals me be medicine for all,
God is all, all is God."

I have added the lines:
Mother Earth, Sacred Water
All of my life, all of my love.

I sing this prayer with fierce reverence for our sacred Mother Earth and the Spirit of all life. Every creature that ever was, every single drop of water, every fertile fistful of the ground which feeds our bodies, each breath and the fire that lights our days and warms our cold nights. It is all medicine if we can only remember how to live in balance, if we can only restore our relationship with the beauty and power of the elements, the earth and our own inner wisdom.

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